The Inner Sky Courier



Second edition


After a period of silence ‘The Inner Sky’, an on'line study book about astrology and its backgrounds, is back again. As before it is meant to develop a deeper insight into the character of this ancient knowledge.

The first edition was published at the end of 2006. After a period of study on the recently discovered planet Eris, I am glad to present now this second edition.


Some valuable suggestions from readers, as well as my own findings about Eris, were processed here. Especially the structure of Section 1 has been improved, and where necessary, texts have been adjusted.

As before, I intended to hold on to the line of my reasoning in a consistent manner, so that the conclusions can be really traced back to the underlying facts.

In order to better support my line of reasoning, I added some extra links for referring back to previous texts, so readers won’t lose their way in this detailed study.


At the time of this edition, the website is still under construction. I will continue working on the bibliography and index, as well as on several addenda. Moreover, I intend to provide from time to time some horoscopes as illustrative examples.

With this revised edition, I hope again to make a positive contribution to the development of our thinking about astrology and its application.

Of course you are welcome to send your comments, suggestions and/or questions that may have risen to:


Enjoy your journey on The Inner Sky!



Paula Schreurs

Laren, the Netherlands